SALI DI SARDEGNA holders convinction is that thirty years experience in this field, constant research of products quality and meticulous care in improving technologic level of production systems, together with aesthetic sense in packaging and capability to combine different solutions to satisfy demanding customers, are the best patrimony the company can offer to the customers.
Versatility is the fulcrum of SALI DI SARDEGNA production, allowing to satisfy customers demand, receiving and proposing best solutions for every single supply.

The "free delivered" service that SALI DI SARDEGNA offers to the customers, together with an efficient and fast assistance in gauging most suitable grain size to a specific demand, is an important step which confirm the company will to effectively collaborate with each customer for long.

Our references are the well-established supplies of the last years to most prestigious customers and the importance

Sede legale: Via Priore Berengario, 5 Cagliari
CCIAA di Cagliari n. 02079230922
Capitale sociale € 110.000 i.v.