Production factory is located in the Cagliari industrial area "Macchiareddu Grogastu", a few kilometers from the city and near the saltworks.
Factory covers a 20.000 sq m area, 5000 of which covered by industrial buildings and offices.

Prime matter put into the industrial process is whole sea salt coming from the Sardinia saltworks, known all over the world for produced salt quality.

Production system is one of the few in Europe which can boast an efficient process of salt washing with continuously regenerated and clarified salt water.

Depending on the use, whole salt is washed, centrifuged, dryed, ground, riddled, enriched with iode and anti-agglomerating and packed for selling to most important sardinian and italian food factories.

These working processes take place using forefront equipement built entirely with inox steel AISI 316L to guarantee the maximum of quality and hygiene for finished product.

Different phases include:

1) Prime matter selection
2) Whole salt washing with continuously regenerated and clarified salt water
3) Centrifugation
4) Grinding
5) Sterilizing drying at 2200° C with fluidized bed dryer
6) Riddling with round vibrating screen
7) Storaging of riddled product in five different sizes
8) Automatic packaging in various final packs in pallets
9) Warehousing and shipping
10) Laboratory

Packaging lines include:
Bobbin sacker for 10 and 25 Kg pack, completed with pallet machine and expansible film coiler in completely automatic line;
Automatic packing machines for 1 Kg sacks with coupled film

The shipping of products in Italy and abroad is done by means of qualified carriers to guarantee the maximum of efficience and punctuality in delivery to most qualified customers.